What Are Trick Scooters?

Trick Scooters

Trick scooters have been around for years. They were originally designed to be used indoors as back up vehicles for those people who don’t have access to street bikes. These scooters have recently gained in popularity for outdoor use. Many people enjoy riding around on these vehicles because they are fun and easy to maneuver. They also are a great way to get around town if you have limited space or just want to get to someplace quickly. Resource


There are many different types of Trick Scooters, each suited to the needs of their rider. A foot stepped scooter is an electric scooter with no gas tank and no wheels; it’s basically a cross between a bike and a horse. A kick scooter, also known as a jack of all trades, is a small human-powered scooter with a kick pedal, wheel, and handlebars. Today, most popular trick scooters are either made from lightweight steel, titanium, or aluminum.


In addition to the different designs, there are also many accessories available for these awesome little vehicles. One of the most popular accessories available is a head tube fender. These fenders add a lot of style and make the vehicle look much more serious and sporty than its plain looking, non-sprayed metal frame. Other accessories include chrome exhaust snaps, chrome hoods, black plastic turn signals, black side skirts, a leather padded seating area, a built in tailgate, a full roof rack, CD players, foot stomps, and other neat little extras. Prices vary depending on the extras included.

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