Some of the Best Whanganui Trips

whanganui trips

Whanganui trips allow you to see one of the last greats of New Zealand, whale watching to be exact. It is a small island just off the coast of Cape Reinga and has only around seven thousand people who live on it. Whaling was very common in the 1800’s and continues today, even though it causes great problems with the local population. You can also do plenty of diving, and whale watching from the water is always popular.

How to choose the Best Whanganui ?

The island is an ideal location for whale watching tours because there is so much wildlife to see. In the months of April and May, humpback whales are seen from the shore. The Humpback whale is the largest out of all the species of whales and it can get quite large as it grows. They like to feed at night when the light is not that strong and it is easier to spot them from the shore. You can participate in whale watching from the shore too, but be careful about the weather as the tide may come in and get you washed away.

Whaling is a great sport, and many people choose to go whale watching while on a Whanganui trip. It is also a great way to learn about the marine environment of New Zealand. If you have never been on a whale watching trip, then this is a chance to experience what it is like. It is also a great learning experience if you have already done this type of trip before.

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