Knowing Your Hair Type

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There are many kinds of hair perms on the market, ranging from temporary to long term. The best way to know which one is right for you is to try a few. Ask your stylist which one she likes best, or visit a few salons and get a few opinions. Many people find that going with a salons own brand is easier on their hair, as long as they have chosen the right length and color. Ask your stylist for recommendations on the products you should use to keep your style looking fresh and vibrant.

How to Know Your Hair Type

Temporary hair perms are great if you are trying out a new look. A temporary wave, also known as a kick perm hairstyle, consists of short curls or waves placed into your hair. They are easy to grow and can be styled any time during the week. This type of perm hairstyle is good for showing off your personality. They are great for parties and various social events. They can easily be removed, washed and polished, thus maintaining your look.

Longer lasting permanent hair perms, also known as digital perms, involve a chemical process that chemically changes the hair’s structure. The resulting style has greater staying power and is easier to maintain than the temporary hairstyles that were previously discussed. Longer lasting permanent hair perms, such as the Chemical Perm, are great if you want to change your hair style frequently without washing it each time.

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