Importance Of Lightning Protection Systems

A lightning system is a system which is usually installed in underground cellars (no electricity) and provides protection against electrical power outages from lighting fixtures that use candles as an active heating source. An average lightning protection system consists of a ground electrode, lightning switch and a ground connection. The ground electrode is placed underground and the connection is done through an insulated ground connection. The lightning switch enables the user to activate the lightning protection system either with a ground connection or with a connection through the lightning conductor to a portable lightning switch. The lightning switch should always be installed in an isolated, open area where it will not be in contact with any conductive device. Failure to do so can result in serious accidents and damage to property.

Lightning Protection Systems

The lightning protection systems are generally designed to withstand at the very least minor impact but in the worst case scenario the system is designed to withstand a direct lightning strike that may damage the conductor, short out the circuit or even kill the lightning conductor. This does not mean however that all lightning protection systems are perfectly safe. Any lightning protection systems should only be installed by qualified professionals who follow good installation practices and who are aware of the potential hazards associated with lightning strikes.

Installing grounding systems is extremely important because many lightning strike locations are located along the main electric transmission routes and because they protect against electric shock, which can be a serious risk for people living in or around such areas. It is important to have grounding systems installed on all potentially susceptible paths to avoid the risk of electric shock for those living in or around such paths. It is also important to have grounding systems installed on all potentially susceptible electrical equipments so that they too are protected against electrocution when there is a lightning strike near them.

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